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These days, language should never be a barrier. For any language, any subject, or any service, we’ll make sure your message gets delivered accurately.

Your Trusted Medical Language Service

Understanding medical information is vital to delivering quality care. That’s why we provide professional language interpretation, translation, and transcription services.

Our interpretation services include:

  • In-person interpretation at home
  • During medical appointments
  • Phone interpretation via telephone, conference call, or video chat
  • For therapy or elsewhere

Medical translation is a complicated process that must be entrusted to experts. Our team at JNJ Services consists solely of top-level interpreters and translators who have years’ worth of experience in the medical industry, so you can rest assured your message will be accurately delivered whether verbally translating, proofreading, or editing any medical or pharmaceutical information.

JNJ Services is the leader in language services. We have trained linguistic experts who deliver accurate translations at competitive prices with a strict code of ethics that maintains complete confidentiality. Call us today.

Qualified & Professional Translators

The use of professional language services for the healthcare industry is imperative to ensure clear and concise communication between professionals who administer medicines, medical care, or provide training materials.

JNJ understands the importance of accurate healthcare translations and we ensure that all our linguists are qualified professionals who strictly comply with government regulations such as HIPPA & HITECH. We also provide medical transcription services, medical phone, and face-to-face interpretation services in order to further assist communications between patients/clients while they’re receiving treatment.

Interpreters – When you need a reliable and professional interpreter for your business or personal needs, JNJ is here. We have an extensive network of experts who can offer interpreting services no matter what the situation may be – from medical appointments to depositions and even scheduled meetings over the phone.

Virtual Remote Interpreting – With our Virtual Remote Interpreting Services, providers and injured workers can connect virtually anywhere. This convenient service offers the benefits of face-to-face communication with a computer or mobile device to deliver an efficient solution that is cost-effective and time-saving.

Transcription – JNJ provides a wide range of services to meet the needs and requirements for any type of transcription project. We customize our service based on industry, client size, or location with an emphasis on healthcare providers as well as legal documents such as contracts and more.

Why Choose JNJ Services?

JNJ Services is the best choice for those who need accurate and affordable language services in a timely manner in over 200 languages. We primarily focus on medical translation but also can translate for technical, legal, and insurance industries, translating everything from extensive technical manuals and legal contracts to training materials.

Here’s Why You Should Choose JNJ:

  • Live operators- no buttons to push or waiting for a response
  • Over 200 Different Languages
  • Certified Linguists
  • Complete Range of Services
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Fast Turn Around Times
  • 24/7 Availability including holidays

Our team of interpreters and translators is made up entirely of native speakers, who are all recognized experts in their subject areas. They’re chosen carefully from among vetted professionals who pass rigorous testing to become recognized as stellar translation specialists. Call JNJ today for all your translation needs.

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