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We provide end-to-end diagnostic solutions and close the communication gap between diagnostic services, physicians, and patients. Schedule your diagnostic exams today.

Diagnostic Services Are The First Step To Treatment

Getting high-quality diagnostic testing for your workers or those in need of treatment is the first step to developing an effective treatment plan quickly.

At JNJ Services, we understand that time is of the essence, which is why we will schedule your diagnostic testing within four hours in most cases, and you’ll have your report back within 48 hours.

With our nationwide network of credentialed providers, we can save you time while providing cost-effective solutions for you, your claims, and your patients.

Diagnostic Services We Can Schedule

While this is far from a complete list, let our staff get the diagnostic tests you need to be scheduled today.

Here’s a sample list:

  • MRI Services Open/ Closed/Stand-up/Fixed Mobile
  • Computed Tomography 3D Spiral
  • 64 Multi-slice Dual Source
  • Electro Diagnostics EMG Electromyogram
  • NCS Nerve Conduction Study X-Rays
  • Arthrograms Bone Scans
  • Bone Density Studies Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan
  • Myelography Fluoroscopy
  • Mammography Age of Injury & Second Opinion
  • Ultrasound

 Contact JNJ Services today to get the diagnostic services you need to be scheduled.

What Makes JNJ Services A Great Diagnostic Partner

While we started the company as a non-emergency medical transportation service, we saw the need for other ancillary services and through our focus on customer service, integrity, and a growing network, we’ve grown to one of the nation’s leaders in scheduling diagnostic services.

What makes JNJ Services a great partner? By providing quick scheduling for diagnostic tests and a fast turnaround time. We facilitate the communication healthcare providers need to make treatment decisions.

With our strong quality assurance program, our team is always looking for ways to better deliver ancillary services to make the healthcare you provide stronger and more available for your patients.

Contact JNJ Services today to see what an incredible partner we make to your process.

Who We Service

We work with medical organizations, clinics, and private practices as well as worker’s compensation organizations, insurance agencies, and more.

Let your staff focus on other important tasks than spending time scheduling essential diagnostic services. Trust JNJ Services. It’s like having your own scheduler on staff.

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